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[HOW-TO] Avoid Big Event Migraine Episodes

It’s one of the most common migraine patterns: The Big Event Headache. You know the one; When an upcoming event — like a holiday, wedding, family gathering, ect. — triggers a migraine so epic, you are forced to cancel plans and take to your bed for days.

Anticipating Big Events

According to the National Headache Foundation, strong emotions are one of many triggers that can bring on a migraine.  Sometimes it’s the preparations for a big event or anxiety about the event that bring on the migraine, sometimes it’s the emotion and other triggers in the event itself.

Big events are mainly supposed to be happy occasions, but for migraineurs so often these events become physically and emotionally painful. All that you’ve planned for slowly slips away through the clenched grip of a migraine.

A Typical Scenario

Your parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary and you’re throwing them a wonderful dinner party with 12 of their friends.  You stay up decorating, preparing food, and putting up the finishing touches on the final party preparations.  It’s going to be a truly memorable event.  At last, party time: your guests arrive and the celebration is underway.

Ten minutes into the party, you feel a migraine coming on.  You try to ignore it for the first hour, and it’s only getting worse.  You have to ask your spouse or a good friend to take over and take pictures while you retreat to a dark room with an ice pack and medication.

Controlling the Migraine Triggers

There were many triggers at play leading up to the dinner party in this scenario. Most of those triggers were controllable.

In order to avoid a big event migraine from ruining your plans, control what you can control. Here are a few tips:

  • Simplify the Plan:Fewer details reduce risk of something going wrong, and can help keep your stress levels from fluctuating.
  • Protect Your Sleep Cycle: Choose NOT to stay up late preparing for the event.
  • Serve Migraine-Safe Foods, like hamburgers or tacos (no MSG sauces) instead of pizza.  Switch chocolate cake and ice cream for vanilla cake and ice cream.
  • Turn Down the Volume: Keep the music down to a background level.
  • Treat Symptoms Early: If you still feel a migraine coming on, treat it early with a simple analgesic or lie down if possible.  The longer you wait, the less effective migraine treatment will be, and the more you’ll need.

Recognizing your most frequent migraine patterns, like the Big Event Headache, are essential to getting control of migraine pain in your life.

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