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Here’s What Texting is Really Doing to Your Neck

It was inevitable. Handheld devices have become such a part of our every day lives, they are now impacting our health.

Doctors have seen so many cases of headaches, back pain, and neck pain due to poor posture with the use of electronic devices – they are now calling the conditions “text neck” and “iPosture.”

Texting Behavior is Learned

We slump over our devices constantly. So much so, say researchers, that device-induced slump has become “normal” posture for many people. Head issues tend to plague adult users, while back and neck issues impact younger users – say doctors.

What’s concerning is the future impact “text neck” and bad posture will have on bodies in the future. If neck pain and headaches are not treated professionally, degenerative arthritis may form due to misalignment. Headaches may also become chronic migraines.

Prevent Poor Posture When Texting

Try bringing the device to eye level as opposed to bringing the head down to the device. You can also try setting a timer every hour to remind the user to do a posture check. And of course, there’s an app for this, called Posture Corrector. Doctors also recommend using two hands when texting.

Do you suffer from head, neck, and/or upper back pain? Do you get migraines or chronic headaches?

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