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Is Your Hairstyle Triggering Your Headache? 5 of the Weirdest Pain Triggers

It’s a fact that people get headaches. Typically, they are triggered by stress, foods, dental imbalances, or TMJ disorders. But there are other triggers that you probably didn’t know; triggers that’ll no doubt leave you scratching your head, and perhaps, second-guessing your hairstyle.

Here are some of the more unusual documented headache causes.

What’s that smell?

The most common smells that trigger headaches are gasoline, tobacco, and strong perfumes.

Step away from the screen.

The variation in light and the brightness from your phone or computer screen activates your retina and the nerves behind your eye, which can cause head pain.

Anxiety from close relationships.

Do social situations and relationships make you nervous? Anxiety results in taking shorter breaths. Head pain is caused by a result of less oxygen in the body and blood vessel constriction.

Hair pulled back too tight.

It’s no surprise that hairstyles that pull on your scalp cause tension in the cranium. In fact, more than half of all women experience a tension headache from a too-tight hairstyle.

Ouch, brain freeze!

Researchers don’t know what causes brain freeze, or “ice cream headache,” but scientists have found that it is thought to be a combination of direct stimulation of temperature-sensitive nerves plus the cold’s effects on blood vessels running along the roof of the mouth.

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