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Your Headache Migraine Diagnosis – Here’s What to Expect

The National Headache Foundation estimates that fewer than half of all people who suffer from migraines, either chronic or occasional, receive an accurate diagnosis. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people go untreated.

The Challenge of Getting a Proper Headache Migraine Diagnosis

Getting a proper headache migraine diagnosis can be a challenge for a couple reasons. First, because sometimes the head pain is a symptom of another problem. For example, high blood pressure can cause headaches. The second reason proper diagnosis is difficult is because of the wide-ranging symptoms associated with headaches and migraines. Some people, for example, may describe their headache pain as a vise-like band circling the head, while others feel a throbbing pain on one side of their head. Symptoms can also vary from one migraine event to the next in the same person.

Proper Evaluation is HERE at Pasadena Pain Management

Fortunately, help IS AVAILABLE for people with chronic and occasional migraines and headaches. Here at Pasadena Pain Management, we offer comprehensive headache migraine diagnosis that includes getting a detailed history, including:

  • Headache frequency and duration
  • Pain severity – Accompanying symptoms
  • Effect on everyday activities – Family history
  • Events surrounding headache development
  • Treatment attempts and results

How We Can Help

At Pasadena Pain Management, we offer the exclusive TruDenta treatment therapy — a highly specialized form of care that involves cutting-edge dental technology, without needles or injections. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide the exceptional, affordable pain management care and personal touch that lead to lasting relationships. A smiling patient is our greatest reward and we look forward to keeping our patients happy and pain free.

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