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From Brushing… to Flossing: Top Oral Care Tips For TMJ Sufferers

It’s common for people with temporomandibular joint dysfunction to have difficulty opening and closing their mouths in addition to facial pain. However, this pain and impediment can making managing daily oral hygiene pretty difficult.

If you suffer from TMD, here are some tips that we recommend for caring for your teeth and gums.

Tip 1: Reaching the Back of Your Mouth

When you have problems opening your mouth, it is difficult to brush and floss your teeth, especially toward the back of your mouth.

First, it is important to relax rather than becoming anxious because it will lead to additional muscle tension in your face. When you wake-up, begin your morning by meditating to eliminate stress, and next, use your fingertips to massage your jaw joints.

Have a toothbrush with soft bristles so that you won’t irritate your gums or inner cheeks while brushing. Take your time brushing your teeth so that you don’t irritate your jaw’s joints.

Tip 2: Flossing Your Teeth

Using floss is essential for removing additional food particles and plaque to avoid having cavities, halitosis and gingivitis. However, when you have TMD, flossing is difficult.

Try browsing the oral care aisle at the drug store. Look for alternative types of floss, such as wands that have long handles. This type of floss will make it easier to reach inside your mouth to remove the debris that is stuck between the back teeth.

Tip 3: Invest in an Oral Irrigator

This small device has a tank that you fill with water so that the water is emitted from the narrow wand. You don’t need to open your mouth completely to blast away any food particles or plaque.

Tip 4: Prep is Important For Dental Visits

Unfortunately, opening your mouth for an examination and treatment at a dental facility can lead to additional pain. Sometimes even after a visit, your jaw pain can increase because you had your mouth open for a longer amount of time.

It is vital to remind us that you have jaw problems so that you have more time for your examination and teeth cleaning procedure. We may perform some gentle massage techniques to help you TMJ relax.

Have ice packs or an electric heating pad at home to use on your face also helps symptoms.

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