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Finding TMJ Pain Relief From Physical Therapy

The first step in treating a TMJ disorder is to create a custom dental treatment plan. That’s what we do for each of our TMJ patients at Pasadena Pain Management. However, we know that each patient is different and standard in-office treatment may need to be supplemented with an additional type of therapy.

Rather than prescribe different medications, we may recommend (in addition to our treatment) physical therapy.

Like other joints in the body, the temporomandibular joint is often responsive to certain physical therapy exercises, particularly if TMJ pain is the result of an injury.

The Link Between Dentistry and Physical Therapy 

Patients are good candidates for physical therapy if stretching and strengthening the temporomandibular joint improves symptoms. In fact, some PT specialists suggest that this type of therapy can lead to symptom improvement in up to 85% of TMJ cases. But, working with physical therapists who understand TMJ treatment and cranial facial disorders is crucial as they know the relationship between the teeth and neck areas.

What a Physical Therapist Can Do for TMJ Disorders

Physical therapy for a TMJ disorder goes well beyond stretching the jaw and relaxing the muscles around the temporomandibular joint. Specialized physical therapists will work on:

  • Muscles
  • Joint Movement
  • Soft Tissue
  • Upper Cervical Spine
  • Posture

The goal is to improve alignment as well as mobility through manual therapy and exercises that reduce the load on the TMJ, increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles. If the patient has suffered from an injury or has had surgery, physical therapy can be used to release scar tissue. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation tools are also being used to help reduce pain for some patients.


Again, physical therapy is just one of the many solutions that we recommend. Using advanced technology for TMJ disorder diagnosis, we can pinpoint the underlying causes of TMD symptoms. This helps to create a customized treatment plan that addresses all problems so that patients find relief.

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