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FDA Approves New Inhaler for Migraines

Migraine patients who’ve run out of options for professional migraine treatment may soon find relief from a different source: an inhaler. The FDA has just approved a new type of inhaler for  migraines in adults. A prescription inhaler, called Onzetra Xsaildelivers a low dose of a dry powder formulation of sumatriptan, the most commonly prescribed medication for migraine.

Delivers Fast Relief for Migraines

Doctors say the inhaler-dispensed powder allows the medication to be administered deep into the nose — an area rich with blood vessels. The result is fast relief for headaches and migraines, while also limiting the amount of medicine that goes down the back of the throat.

Worldwide, migraines affect as much a billion of people and 36 million adults in the United States, according to the American Migraine Foundation. In addition to headache pain and nausea, migraine can also cause vomiting, blurriness or visual disturbances, and sensitivity to light and sound. About 50% of people living with migraines are un-diagnosed.

The FDA approved Onzetra after clinical trials showed the inhaler provided headache relief to about 40% of users within 30 minutes. About two-thirds of users reported pain relief after two hours.

Side effects include abnormal product taste, nasal discomfort, rhinorrhea and rhinitis.

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