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preventing migraines

Study: Exercise “As Good As Medication” in Preventing Migraines

Researchers say a simple exercise may work as well as pain relievers — and without the harmful side effects — in preventing migraines. A growing body of research shows that 40-minutes of cardio workouts is all it takes!

Fewer Headaches After Exercise

Findings from a Swedish study show that migraine patients had fewer headaches after doing 40-minute cycling or jogging workouts three times a week for three months. In fact, according to scientists, the exercise worked just as well as one of the top migraine-preventing drugs — topamirate.

There are couple of theories on how it works.

Eliminate Stress and Release Endorphins

Since headaches are often triggered by stress, and exercise relieves stress — researchers say if you eliminate the trigger, you nix the pain. It could also be endorphins at work. Doctors say the feel-good chemicals produced when you exercise can actually block pain sensors, acting as a natural painkiller.

Since migraines and headaches can be caused by many different factors like genetics, lack of sleep, dental trauma, bite force misalignment, or certain foods — pain management professionals acknowledge that exercise will not be the solution for everyone. But another German study found that it helped 65% of patients, making it as effective as the best medicines on the market.

Watch Out For Exertion Headaches

One caveat: Over-exerting yourself or increasing the intensity too quickly can trigger headaches in some people, so make sure your heart rate doesn’t climb above 150 BPM. If your migraines do not start disappearing in a couple of weeks, then it is time to seek treatment from a certified pain management professional.

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