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Employees Hide Headaches, Migraines From Bosses and Co-Workers

A new poll, commissioned by Excedrin®, shows that more than 50% of Americans have missed work or school due to headaches and migraines. What’s more — they are not telling their employers that head pain is their reason for their absence.

Of those who missed work, just 42% said they told supervisors the truth that migraines and headaches were the cause.

The reason?

Most think their bosses/instructors don’t consider headaches or migraines a valid reason for staying home from work.

Deeper Understanding of How People Cope With Migraines, Headaches at Work

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world. And yet, research surrounding the impact and severity of migraines and headaches is limited. In an effort to boost more understanding in this area, the poll was conducted to gather data from sufferers about:

  • the types of head pain they experience
  • how frequently that pain causes them to miss work or school
  • how they explain that absence to a boss or instructor

The poll shows that workers who aren’t informing their bosses may have good reasons for hiding their head pain.

Why Employees Hide Headaches, Migraines

While most managers  view migraines as a good reason for missing work, 38% were less amenable, saying migraines only sometimes justify calling in sick. Managers were even tougher on headaches: 53% said “no” or “sometimes” to the issue.

The poll also revealed gender differences among those who missed work or school, with 67% of men surveyed staying home one day or more in the three months leading up to the survey, compared to just 44% of women. Even though men were more likely to miss work or school, they were less likely to be upfront with their employer or instructor about the reason.

Across generations and genders, headaches and migraines can cause problems in all aspects of a person’s life. In many of those cases, simply taking an over-the-counter pain reliever will not alleviate headache or migraine symptoms. If this is happening to you, its time to seek professional treatment from a pain management professional.

Effective Headache and Migraine Treatment in Southern California

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