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Eating Out? Here Are the Most Common Migraine Triggers at Restaurants

As sufferers know, migraines can strike any time, anywhere. And unfortunately, that includes during dinner at your favorite restaurant.

While at home, most migraine sufferers know which foods and drinks to avoid to stay pain free. But what about when dining out? Navigating menus is not as easy at it looks.

Here’s a quick guide to help you order smart and avoid these top restaurant migraine triggers.

Bypass Brie Cheese

Cheese-lovers, this will no doubt make you wince — but you’ll be spared from migraine attacks. Aged cheeses such as Cheddar, Blue, Brie, Swiss, Parmesan and Roquefort contain a natural compound called tyramine, which may trigger a migraine. Instead, reach for fresh cheese like Mozzarella and Ricotta.

Skip the Pickles

At your favorite burger joint? Watch out for some of those popular burger toppings. Be wary of a few items like Raw Onion, Cheddar or Blue cheese, and Sauerkraut.  Pickled food can be high in tyramine, too, so you might consider laying off that pile of Pickles.

Pass on Pepperoni

No surprise — Aged, Dried, Fermented or Smoked Meats are high in tyramine, so that Pepperoni-lover’s pizza could cause a migraine for some. Stick to a classic Margarita version (mozzarella cheese is a-ok), or load up your slice with Veggies.

Think “Steamed” at Sushi

Fermented soy products, such as Miso, Soy sauce, and Teriyaki sauce are foods that can trigger migraines thanks to their high tyramine levels. So if this compound is a trigger for you, the Sushi or Teriyaki place around the corner might not be your idea of a nice lunch out. Ask for a steamed or grilled entree instead, and learn to love your Sushi without dousing it in Soy Sauce.

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