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Managing TMJ Pain: The Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with Jaw Pain

Did you know that approximately 12% of Americans are living with some level of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain?

If you’re part of that 12%, there’s a good chance that you know that managing TMJ jaw pain can be difficult — and sometimes subtle changes to your habits can make a big difference.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for managing your TMJ jaw pain:

* Do take care of yourself.

Practice proper posture throughout the day, be aware of how you’re holding your phone and make sure you’re sleeping in a position that’s good for your jaw. All of these things may seem small, but taking the time to care for yourself can help you to manage your TMJ pain.

* Do think about the food you eat.

There are certain foods, like corn on the cob or raw carrots, that will force your jaw to hurt for hours or days afterwards. When planning your meals, look for softer foods including cooked veggies, smoothies, yogurt and scrambled eggs.

* Don’t chew on your fingernails, pens, pencils or ice.

Chewing on these things will thrust your jaw forward, often leading to increased TMJ pain that is difficult to get rid of or even manage.

* Don’t clench your jaw throughout the day.

Clenching your jaw throughout the day is common and may make your TMJ pain worse. During the day, try to maintain a resting jaw posture — to do this, keep your teeth somewhat apart, your lips together and your tongue relaxed in your mouth.

* Don’t try to mask your TMJ symptoms.

Many people experiencing TMJ pain try to cover up the pain by taking over-the-counter medications. While OTC meds may be a short-term answer and relief to your pain, they do not help you manage your pain long-term.

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