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Migraines in Children: Is Your Kid at Risk?

Adolescents can get headaches, but migraines in children are less common. There are two well-known early warning signs when it comes to kids and the development of migraines. One is colic, and the other is car-sickness. For example, if a child gets car sickness, some parents feel that that’s a harbinger of a migraine to occur.

In general, pain management professionals agree that migraines in children are more common in boys, but after puberty it’s more common in girls. And, many of them have a parent or parents who are migraine sufferers, and triggers can range from stress to food. Children with a migraine usually tend to be pale, quiet or grouchy, and try to avoid light and noise.

Traditionally, if a child has  frequent migraines, doctors will put them on a medication daily or nightly in an attempt to prevent the migraine attacks. Dietary changes also help prevent episodes. Making sure the child gets eight hours of sleep, six glasses of water, and regular exercise can decrease the frequency and severity of migraine headaches in children.

Of course, if diet and medication do not work for a child who gets migraines, an alternative method of treatment — such as TruDenta pain management therapy offered here at Pasadena Pain Management— may be a good solution. We may be able to offer relief without medication or invasive procedures right here in our dental office. Contact us today to set up a FREE pain management consultation. A consultation at Pasadena Pain Management lasts approximately 2 hours and consists of a range of motion tests and dental examinations. After the consultation, we will better be able to diagnose the extent of treatment needed.