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Debunking the Most Popular Migraine Myths

Migraine is one of the most common medical conditions in the U.S., affecting nearly 20% of the population. Unfortunately, migraine is also a condition that is the most misdiagnosed.

While some incredible advances have been made to bring relief to migraine sufferers, the condition still remains a mystery to many people. This is due in part to the myths surrounding migraine triggers, symptoms, and prevention methods.

Here a few myths we’d like to shed light on:

Myth: Migraines can’t be prevented

Wrong. The goal is to treat migraine symptoms right away, and to prevent symptoms by avoiding or changing triggers.

Over-the-counter pain medicines, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin, can help when a migraine is mild. If these treatments do not help or the migraines are frequent, you’ll need to be seen by a specialist.

Here at Pasadena Pain Management, I treat headache and migraine cases that are related to dental force issues in the mouth and jaw. For example: When a bite is misaligned, or if a patient has experienced trauma that results in a TMJ disorder — chances are these factors are causing the migraines. I examine all patients and run a series of diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of a patient’s migraine, and prescribe a treatment plan that can eventually prevent future migraines.

Myth: A tension headache is likely migraine

Wrong. Tension headaches are more common, but are generally not painful enough to need medical attention. In other words, if your headache is bad enough that you need to call the doctor, it is probably a migraine.

Myth: Most people with migraine see an aura

Wrong. You often hear that migraine headache is accompanied by visual disturbances, such as flashing lights or blurry vision, but these auras actually are rare, affecting only about 10% of people with migraine. Similarly, only about 15% of patients vomit. Nausea, however, is a common migraine symptom, as is sensitivity to light and dizziness.

Myth: Frequent headaches are normal

Wrong. Migraine headaches are divided into two classes: episodic and chronic. Chronic migraine occurs more than 15 days a month; episodic is less frequent.

Because chronic migraine patients have headaches so often, they start to believe it is normal to have some type of headache almost every day. Many take over-the-counter pain relievers daily instead of seeking medical help, so their condition often goes undiagnosed. Also, non-prescription pain relievers aren’t meant to be taken on a regular basis, and doing so can lead to other health problems, such as stroke.

Fact: Chronic Headaches are a Sign That You Need Professional Treatment

If you have frequent headaches, don’t try to treat them on your own. Contact Pasadena Pain Management for a FREE CONSULTATION if your headaches:

  • Become more frequent
  • Are severe or debilitating
  • Interfere with your job or home life
  • Do not improve with over-the-counter medicine
  • Get worse when you cough or move

It’s important to know that if you have migraine headaches, you’re not alone and it is treatable.

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