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Testimonial: “I Found a Cure For My Unexplained Headaches”

When unexplained headaches strike repeatedly, it’s important not to ignore the problem. That’s why we’re so happy our patient Amber took action immediately, contacting us about the head pain and pressure she was having on the sides of her face.

We knew what she was experiencing wasn’t normal.

After searching for us through Yelp, Amber gave us a call when she suspected she had a TMJ issue.

She was right.

Within just a few short weeks into her treatment, Amber was completely pain free. The pressure around her face was also gone.

If you don’t believe in the power of TruDenta pain management therapy, please take a minute out of your day to watch Amber’s success story.

Just like her, within a short time YOU can be living pain free too.

TMJ Treatment in Pasadena, —Southern California

Here at Pasadena Pain Management, we are dedicated to pain treatment without heavy use of prescription medications. Our TruDenta pain therapy relies on scientific dental technology and sports medicine techniques to relieve pain without drugs or invasive needles.

Contact Us Today for a FREE CONSULTATION at Pasadena Pain Management. We can evaluate your headaches, migraines, TMJ pain, head and neck pain and tell you whether our TruDenta care program is right for you.