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The Connection Between Leaky Gut and Migraine Headaches

There are many triggers and causes of migraines, but none have been so unexpectedly fascinating than the new relationship scientists have just discovered — one that involves our bacteria, health, and bowel function.

Researchers say a condition called “leaky gut” — in which the bowels malfunction and increase the intestinal permeability of bacteria or toxins — may lead to a risk of migraine headaches.

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Why the Bowels?

The bowels are the most complex organ in the body. They are also very active and intuitive. The bowels must differentiate between the nutrients that you need and toxins, bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites that must be kept outside. Any malfunction in this area, and toxins, viruses, and bacteria can gain access the to body, creating a chronic inflammatory state.

Recent medical research suggests that, for some, this chronic inflammatory state predisposes to migraine headaches.

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A 2014 study published in the medical journal “Frontiers in Neurology” strongly suggested that a “leaky gut” is an important factor in migraine headaches. The study concluded that people who have inflammatory bowel conditions with associated issues such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and even irritable bowel syndrome have a much high incidence of migraine headaches, often two to three times more often.

The Migraine Connection

Migraine headaches are defined as a recurrent, moderate to severe headache that includes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound, light and occasionally odors. There may also be vision changes described as an aura or even loss of vision. The pain of a migraine is usually described as debilitating and pounding. Migraines can last for a few hours to days.

About 13% of men and 30% of women will regularly experience migraine headaches.

Although there are effective migraine treatments — such as the TruDenta migraine therapy offered here by Pasadena Pain Management — pharmaceutical cures are extremely rare.

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