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Common Causes for a Headache Behind the Ear

Headaches behind the ear are one of the many symptoms patients come to Pasadena Pain Management complaining about. While the headaches themselves are common, they rarely exclusively occur just behind the ear. In fact, they usually radiate from head, neck or jaw.

This type of headache pain can have several causes from nerve injury to dental problems. And, depending on the source of your pain, a headache behind the ear can be treated very easily at our practice.

If the pain originates from the TMJ, it’s likely the patient is suffering from TMD – temporomandibular disorder.

What is the TMJ?

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the ball and socket joints of the jaw. When these joints become inflamed and painful, TMD develops causing a lot of aching in the patient’s jaw, neck, and head — including behind the ear.

While most people with TMJ inflammation feel the pain in the jaw and behind the ear, others may just experience a headache behind the ear.

Causes of TMJ/TMD

TMD can be caused by:

  • stress
  • teeth grinding
  • arthritis
  • injury
  • jaw alignment

 Other Symptoms of a Headache Behind the Ear

Additional symptoms that people who suffer from headaches behind the ear may experience include:

  • pain on one or both sides of the head
  • sensitivity to light
  • aching, burning, and throbbing pain
  • pain behind the eyes
  • tender scalp
  • pain with neck movement

It is crucial to get a proper diagnosis so the condition can be treated appropriately.

Pasadena Pain Management offers non-surgical therapy for TMJ issues using advanced dental technology and sports medicine techniques. In addition to our revolutionary treatment, we also offer patients gentle jaw stretching and relaxing exercises they can do at home.

TMJ Treatment in Pasadena and Southern California

Pasadena Pain Management offers pain management treatment for TMJ/TMD, migraine, headaches and neck pain in Pasadena, CA. Our office is conveniently located with extended hours to meet your needs. At Pasadena Pain Management, we offer the exclusive TruDenta treatment therapy — a highly specialized form of care that involves cutting-edge dental technology, without needles or injections. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide the exceptional, affordable pain management care and personal touch that lead to lasting relationships. A smiling patient is our greatest reward and we look forward to keeping our patients happy and pain free.