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Changing the Air We Breathe May Cut Down on Migraines

Changing the air we breathe may cut down on migraines?

No, I’m not talking about picking up and moving to the country. I’m talking about a new inhaler.

A recent study shows that some migraine patients may be able to cut down on their medication – or ditch is completely – by using a newly developed inhaler that changes the composition of the air around them.

Significant Pain Relief

The eleven patients who participated in the pilot study suffered from migraine with aura.

Over the course of a year, between 2016 to 2017, the patients self-treated 41 migraine attacks. The participants were instructed to use the inhaler at the onset of first aura symptoms, followed after 40 minutes by a second use.

The research results show that the effect of the pain relief increased significantly with each use of the inhaler. After the first use, 45% of the patients experienced relief – and that number rose to 78% after the second use.

The only recorded side effects were perspiration and feeling slightly more cold or more warm.

Expanding the Blood Vessels That Supply the Brain

Troels Johansen, one of the authors of the study from Aarhus University in Denmark, explains that migraines occur as part of a chain reaction during which the veins in the brain contract and the blood cannot therefore supply the brain with sufficient oxygen.

“We utilize CO2 and oxygen, which are the body’s natural molecules for mobilizing its own defense against migraine attacks. The inhaler expands the blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen by up to 70% and thereby stops the destructive chain reaction,” says Johansen, adding that the effect of the treatment starts after a few seconds.

Researchers are now planning to conduct larger clinical trials that will also examine how effective the inhaler is in patients without aura and chronic migraines.

Stay tuned.

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