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Case Study: TruDenta Therapy Successfully Treats Neck and Pain for TMJ

At Pasadena Pain Management, we’ve seen so many of our patients completely recover from their pain. Whether it be migraines, headaches, TMJ pain, or neck and other types of head pain — TruDenta pain management therapy has a 93% success rate.

But, as is with almost everything, seeing is believing.

Lisa’s Story

Here is a patient case study featuring Lisa. A Google search for pain treatment in Pasadena CA brought her to us for treatment of upper neck and head pain related to her TMJ. Her pain was chronic, and often produced debilitating headaches. Not only was Lisa uncomfortable, the pain was interfering with other aspects of her life — especially caring for her four young children.

After numerous trips to her primary care physician and an ear-nose-and-throat doctor — as well as doses of pain medications — nothing worked. Until she came to Pasadena Pain Management.

The results Lisa had using our revolutionary TruDenta pain management therapy were nothing short of amazing — as you’ll see in this video.

TruDenta Technology Offers Relief in 93% of Patients

TruDenta treatments last about 50 minutes and include the use of several proven, FDA cleared technologies. Depending upon the severity of the diagnosis, patients require from one to twelve treatments completed weekly. In other words, a patient with the most severe diagnosis could achieve lasting relief from their symptoms in about three months.

Each patient receives a completely customized treatment program for their exact diagnosis and treatment can generally begin immediately. As a TruDenta Dentist, my staff and I are comprehensively trained to complete the treatments within our dental office. The treatments are painless, needle-free, and require no drugs. TruDenta patients report a 93% success rate for pain relief!

To get a full detailed analysis of the TruDenta treatment plan, contact Pasadena Pain Management and request a FREE CONSULTATION.