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Can the Keto Diet Prevent Migraines?

“Keto” is more than just a buzz word these days. It’s a way of life for thousands of people. I’m talking about the keto diet; the low-carb, high-fat plan that helps people lose weight and ease symptoms from epilepsy. Ketosis is the state a person’s body goes into on the keto diet, forcing their system to burn fat rather than carbs for energy (and leading to weight loss and other health benefits, keto adherents say).

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Now, some researchers think the keto diet may help people combat migraines.

While research on this topic is still relatively young, there are a few hypotheses floating around. The first involves, keto being a diet that focuses on less processed foods. People are eating whole foods such as eggs, fish, veggies, and low-sugar fruits — all of which are not migraine triggers.

Scientists also believe the keto diet might benefit migraine patients the same way it benefits people with epilepsy. Some treatment options for migraines are also used to treat epilepsy. Among these is a vagal nerve stimulator, which can reduce the number of seizures an epileptic person has. (The vagus nerve connects the brain to organs in the neck, chest, and abdomen.)

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Bottom line: If you’re suffering from migraines consistently, it might be worth your while to try going keto. It could help—though right now, science is just not quite sure why.

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