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Can Listening to the Sound Waves Cure Headaches and Migraines?

A new sound-based therapy based shows promise in reducing blood pressure and easing migraine symptoms.

The high-tech treatment, based on sound waves, reads brain activity through scalp sensors. That activity is then converted into a series of audible tones, which  reflects back to the brain through earbuds.

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Relax and Reset

“Your brain gets to listen to the song that it’s playing. It gets to look at itself in an acoustic mirror,” says Dr. Charles Tegeler, a professor of neurology with Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C.

“Somehow that rapid update gives the brain a chance to auto-calibrate, self-optimize, relax and reset,” Tegeler adds.

One study found that 10 men and women achieved significant reductions in their blood pressure after going through an average of nearly 18 sessions over about 10 days.

Dr. Raymond Townsend, a professor and director of the hypertension program at Penn Medicine, said the reduction created by this technology is equivalent to that achieved using blood pressure medication.

A Prescription for Migraines and other Conditions

In the other study, researchers examined 52 adult migraine sufferers, providing them with almost 16 sessions on average over nine days. Two weeks after the therapy, patients reported improvements for insomnia, mood and headaches.

Previous results of sound wave therapy have also shown that it can help treat people with insomnia, depression and stress anxiety. Ongoing studies are investigating its usefulness in treating post-traumatic stress disorder and symptoms of traumatic brain injury.

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Other Alternatives for Migraine Treatment

Pasadena Pain Management is proud to offer a pain treatment program, called TruDenta. It is proven to be extremely effective in patients who have recurring head, face, TMJ/jaw and neck pain — including migraines and headaches.

We use specialized tools and techniques — such as ultrasound, micro-current technology, cold-laser therapy and manual muscle massage — to reduce pain and inflammation and to promote healing of the muscles and nerves.

The treatment has been shown to be 95% effective.

Are you a candidate for TruDenta? Contact us today for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

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