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Can a Fitbit Show That You Have Sleep Apnea?

Fitbit rolled out something new and exciting this month: A blood oxygen detection feature.

In general, blood oxygen levels can be used to detect sleep conditions, like sleep apnea, and offer a good analysis of what’s going on with your body while you sleep.

However, Fitbit’s Estimated Oxygen Variation tool needs a little more explanation.

What is Estimated Oxygen Variation?

To get a reading of the oxygen levels in your blood, Fitbit uses a red LED in the optical heart rate monitor.

But, rather than spitting out a single percentage score, Fitbit examines the difference in the highs and lows, or variability, of your blood oxygen, and looks to highlight *potential* underlying conditions.

The example screenshot at the top of this blog post shows what the graph looks like. You can see variations which could show a sleep apnea issue are highlighted on the graph.

Can Fitbit Track Sleep Apnea?

Fitbit claims their Estimated Oxygen Variation graph can’t be used to correlate with sleep apnea. Basically, if you see a large level of variation in the blood oxygen, then you COULD have sleep apnea. Fitbit will not send you an alert.

Fitbit says its graph is simply intended to give its users more data.

When You Should Be Seen By a Professional

If you have a Fitbit and use the Estimated Oxygen Variation graph, big variations could be a clue that you may be experiencing breathing disturbances while you sleep. This is something you’ll want to talk us about at Pasadena Pain Management, especially if you have symptoms such as tiredness, loud snoring, or gasping during sleep.

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