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Bullying Can Lead to Teeth Grinding in Children

There are several different signs that indicate a child is being bullied, but did you know that one of those signs is teeth grinding? Research shows that as many as 160,000 children skip school regularly because they’re afraid of being bullied. Among internal stress and anxiety, another unnoticeable sign of this type of trauma is teeth grinding in children.

The Dental Effects of Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can cause damage or worn-down teeth. It can also lead to poor sleep at night.

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Other than sleep interruptions, bruxism can also lead to sensitivity or pain in the face and jaw. However, most cases can be noticed early during a dental exam as the patient will have numerous flat areas of teeth. Why? Because grinding is 40 times more powerful than chewing!

Assessments are Key

With the availability of a guard or splint, teeth grinding can be managed. For children it is important to seek a proper assessment to check for bullying. If this is the case, then proper counseling should be offered to address the situation as well as regular dental exams to check for signs of teeth grinding.

Treatment For Teeth Grinding in Pasadena CA

Here are Pasadena Pain Management, using TruDenta technology, we offer thorough bruxism treatment that also provides fast, effective pain relief.

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TruDenta treatments last about 50 minutes and include the use of several proven, FDA cleared technologies. Depending upon the severity of the diagnosis, patients require from one to twelve treatments completed weekly. In other words, a patient with the most severe diagnosis could achieve lasting relief from their symptoms in about three months.

To get a full detailed analysis of the TruDenta treatment plan, contact Pasadena Pain Management and request a FREE CONSULTATION.