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What Exactly Is Brain Freeze and How Do I Make It Stop?

Brain freeze is a common phenomenon around Southern California, and it’s one of the downsides of summer. It’s that brief pain or headache we get when we eat that double scoop of mint chip ice cream too quickly. It’s literally nerve pain associated with the sphenopalatine ganglion — which sits right behind the nose. There’s generally no harm in brain freezes; just your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

No, Your Brain Doesn’t Really Freeze

No, your brain doesn’t actually become frozen. Brain freeze happens when a cold substance, like ice cream, is introduced behind the nose and palate. When the bundle of nerves in this part of the mouth sense something cold, they send an instant message to the brain, causing arteries and blood vessels to react. As a result, your head starts to throb.

It lasts just few seconds but sometimes minutes.

Brain Freeze Sheds New Light on Migraines

What’s interesting about the phenomenon is that scientists believe it could be the key that unlocks the mystery of migraine headaches. They say studies show laser stimulation of that exact nerve bundle may offer migraine relief.

Here’s how they say it works:

When the sphenopalantine ganglion is stimulated with a laser beam, studies show there seems to be a vasodilation response that relaxes the small arterioles (tiny blood vessels) surrounding the ganglion by stimulating production of nitric oxide. With less restriction, the nerve stimulus proceeds to the trigemenial nerve which in turn relaxes the covering of the brain called the meninges. Here is where the decrease in pressure can offer the headache sufferer significant relief.

The real benefit: No side effects. Plus scientists say this type of light stimulation may give migraine sufferers a real opportunity to get significant relief if medication and other pain therapies do not work. Patients who under went the laser stimulation say the results were often immediate!

Specialist For Headache and Migraines in Southern California

As a leading doctor in migraine treatment in Pasadena CA, I recommend that migraine sufferers be evaluated by a specialized pain management specialist who can evaluate your symptoms and prescribe the right course of action for treatment.

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