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These Bizarre Ancient Cures for Migraines Will Make You Thankful For Today’s Modern Treatment Options

As a leading pain management specialist in Pasadena CA, I’ve seen many patients who say they’ve tried everything to cure migraines. While some of today’s unconventional migraine treatments are strange, they are nothing compared to those practiced centuries ago. A history of ancient cures for migraines published in neurology journal Brain documents treatments as diverse as bloodletting, handling electric eels, and binding a dead mole to the head.

Migraine is of course a condition that we can trace back far in the medical texts. Reflecting on what sufferers must have gone through back then gives us a pang of empathy. Consider a migraine sufferer in ancient Egypt who had nothing else to treat his migraine but a painkiller consisting of magic clay crocodiles. It was a hard life — and still is for many sufferers.

Here are just a few of the bizarre ancient cures for migraines we are thankful don’t exist anymore:

Wear A Magic Goat-Hair Headband

The ancient Sumerians recorded a remedy around 7,000 years ago that included shaving a goat and getting doused with water.

“Take the hair of a virgin kid, and let a skilled woman spin it on the right side, then double it on the left and tie it in twice seven knots. Bless it with the incantation of Eridu, and with it bind the head. Cast water over the sick man, so that the headache may ascend to heaven.”

Look For Canary-Filled Tumors

The ancient Chinese physician Huan T’o, who lived around the 1st and 2nd centuries (his dates are uncertain) was possibly the first doctor in China to use anesthesia on patients and perfect the art of acupuncture. More remarkably, Dr. T’o was also known  for curing migraine-inducing tumors by finding birds inside them.

According Lois Magner’s History Of Medicine, Huan T’o was operating on a patient whose skull tumor was causing severe headache, as a last resort after acupuncture and herbal remedies had failed. He opened the tumor and a canary flew out, prompting an instant cure.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ancient cures for migraines throughout history. You can read many more of them HERE.

In the meantime, if it’s modern day migraine treatment you need — we are here to help. We can help you identify the underlying cause of your migraines and get you on the right treatment plan.

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