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Which is Better: Ice or Heat for Pain?

Which is better: Ice or heat for pain?

This is a common question we get in our pain management practice.

In a nutshell: Ice is for injuries, and heat is for muscles.

Ice is recommended for calming down damaged superficial tissues that are inflamed, red, hot and swollen. Icing is mostly just a mild, drugless way of dulling the pain of inflammation from an injury.

Heating for Muscles, Pain, and Stress

Gentle heat is ideal for taking the edge off the pain of whole muscle spasms and trigger points, or conditions that are often dominated by them, like back pain and neck pain), for soothing the nervous system and the mind.

Ice vs. Heat Infographic

We’ve obtained this handy infographic to shed more light on this topic and, hopefully, clear up any confusion over therapeutic icing and heating.

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