1. Relax Melodies: When you’re in the throes of a migraine, the last thing you need is disruptive noise. Relax Melodies may have been designed to help people sleep, but it can provide just what someone with migraine needs, too: calming, soothing sounds that can lull you into a deep relaxation. FREE – iPhone, Android
  2. Acupressure: Heal Yourself: Acupressure is based on traditional Chinese medicine, where pressure points are used to relieve pain and tension and motivate the body’s natural healing abilities. With this app, choose your ailment or pain, and watch as it identifies the pressure points that may provide relief. There are helpful diagrams so you can pinpoint the exact spot that will deliver the most benefits. $1.99 – iPhone, Android
  3. Manage My Pain Pro: One of the first things a doctor will tell you to do when you seek help for migraines is to track your headaches. Manage My Pain can help you do just that, and create reports that your doctor can use to identify the best treatments. It uses your inputs to design charts and calendar views that quantify your pain and the frequency of your migraines. You can then sync your information with the Cloud and share it directly with your treatment providers. $3.99 – Android
  4. BrainWave Tuner: With BrainWave Tuner, change how your brain is functioning to improve your mood and sleep, as well as reduce pain and promote relaxation. The app uses subtle sounds to manipulate your brain activity. There are more than 20 programs for everything from migraines to self-hypnosis. Users report that engaging with the app before bed can improve sleep quality too. $3.99 – iPhone, Android
  5. iHeadache: The iHeadache app is designed to help you track your migraines more efficiently. Track the frequency and intensity of your pain, along with any precursors and triggers you can identify. The app was designed by a neurologist and even lets you create reports to share with your own doctor, so that getting the help you need to manage your migraines can be that much easier. FREE – iPhone
  6. Migraine Buddy: Record every migraine with ease using Migraine Buddy. The efficiently designed interface lets you enter a date and potential triggers — lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, weather, and more — with quick swipes, so tracking feels less like a burden. Questions on the intensity of your pain bring a new depth to migraine tracking, and you can also add custom fields to personalize how you record your migraine pain. FREE – iPhone, Android
  7. Curelator Headache: Tracking your migraine symptoms should be simple and effective. This app from Curelator manages to deliver both features in a clean interface. The app walks you through a few questions to help track your symptoms and identify patterns. We love that they even include weather details in an attempt to pinpoint anything that could be worsening your symptoms or increasing the likelihood of a migraine. FREE- iPhone
  8. Migraine Diary: If you just want a simple way to track your migraine symptoms and triggers, this free Migraine Diary may be right for you. It offers many of the features of non-free apps, but in an effective yet frills-free format. Unlike many free apps, this one promises no advertisements. FREE- Android
  9. Migraine Relief Hypnosis: Can your mind overpower your migraine? The maker of Migraine Relief Hypnosis believes so. The app is designed to teach users to self-hypnotize, ultimately providing relief from the debilitating pain of migraine. They say you can experience beneficial effects in a matter of a few weeks just by listening for 30 minutes a day. FREE – iPhone
  10. Migraine eDiary: Input your symptoms and Migraine eDiary turns that information into color-coded reports you can show your doctor. Track your symptoms, triggers, and medications with this app. View your history over a specific time period. You can filter the data and then send it out via email, too. FREE – iPhone