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Bad Posture May Be a Contributing Factor to TMJ Pain

Today, it’s easier than ever to forget about proper posture. From sitting in front of a computer screen, to hunching over a smartphone, or even just standing in line at the supermarket — poor posture has gotten the best of us.

While it’s not great for your back and neck, bad posture may also be a contributing factor for increased TMJ pain.

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TMJ pain can be caused by an alignment problem, especially in your neck and shoulders. The temporomandibular joints are delicately balanced and poor posture and alignment can cause the jaw joints to misalign, pop, lock, cramp or even go into spasms.

The good news?

This pain can be easily reduced with some dedication to improving your posture.

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

-Pretend you have a book on your head while walking. This will help you to avoid slouching, pushing your shoulders back and aligning your neck and spinal column.

-Sit with your back against the back of your chair. It’s so easy to slouch when sitting, especially when focused on a computer screen. By pressing your back against the back of the chair, you can maintain proper posture and support your back.

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-Move often! Your posture can be improved by physical activity, so get up and get moving! Walk, tend to the lawn, play with your kids or pets or even go to a yoga class. All of these activities can be a great opportunity to correct your posture and stand tall.

-Stretch your muscles. If you’re sitting for long periods of time, keeping your muscles loose can help you to keep your spinal column aligned. Get up throughout the day, stand and stretch your muscles to improve your posture long-term.

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