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Are Your Electronics Giving You a Headache?

Have you ever considered that your electronics may be giving you migraines?

Millions of people suffer from migraines, but few realize they may be triggered by digital displays.

Our electronics are essentials in our lives, but they’re not exactly great for us. Whether you’re watching a humorous video on YouTube or reading a blog post while on your mobile, be aware, you can trigger a migraine at any moment.

Computer Screens and Other Light Migraine Triggers

We’re prone to staring at our computer screens for hours at a time, but this sets migraine sufferers up for light-induced headache episodes. These headaches are common for not just individuals with migraines, but also anyone who tends to stare at a computer monitor for extended periods. Lower your possibility of developing a migraine or headache by taking periodic breaks from looking at the screen.

Eyestrain As a Cause

When we look at screens for a long time, we can develop eyestrain. This happens because our eyes are tired of looking at the computer or TV. However, eyestrain is a trigger for migraines, so resting your eyes is key when looking at a screen. What’s worse than eyestrain? Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which results from the combination of eyestrain and bad posture. CVS can also trigger a migraine, and is distinguished by tired eyes, a stiff neck, headaches, and aching shoulders.

Preventing Headaches Caused by Light

There are some ways you can fix your habits to avoid developing a headache. First, you also need to make sure that you’re working in a well-lit area so you can see everything on your screen clearer. Second, adjust the monitor’s refresh rate to a greater number to help prevent eyestrain. Because of the invention of LCD monitors, it is easier than ever to customize your monitor settings. Do not go by a one size fits all setting either, because what works for me may not work for you.

How do you stop headaches from happening when you study your smart-phone?

Do not read large quantities of text, because your cell phone screen can also trigger a migraine, headache and eyestrain. Secondly, increase the text size on your phone’s browser so you can easily read if you have to read something.

When you look at your phone screen all the time, you make your eyes constantly adjust to a new position; do it too much, and you will create a migraine or headache. You can make it easier on your eyes by adjusting how you hold your cell phone. By holding your phone at arm’s length, your eyes are not trying to radically adjust to read something close.

Researchers at the State University of New York found people read on their smart-phones in a much closer distance than they would read a book or paper. The result is our eyes work at a quicker pace to organize and correct to see. If you do this, stop right now! This has the capability to cause you severe headaches and even damage your eyesight.

Put down the phone, pick up your laptop for news posts, and take breaks. Your eyes and brain will be happy you did.

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