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Actor Burt Reynolds Suffered from TMJ Dysfunction

The ravages of TMJ dysfunction pay no heed to social or economic status.

There are a number of celebrities who chronically suffer from TMD, and now, weeks after his death, the story of Burt Reynolds’ TMD issue is returning to light.

His condition allegedly began when he was hit on the jaw. In the 1980’s, Reynolds didn’t work for three years. His weight dropped to 140 pounds. People thought he had AIDS which kept him from making movies. What he actually had was TMJ dysfunction.

Here is how Mr. Reynolds described his problem.

“When your jaw, your bite, goes off, your equilibrium goes off, too. You’re in a kind of brain pain that comes up and whips your eyeballs out. Then the nausea starts. It is like being seasick all the time. You throw up, can’t lie down, and can’t take any light. If the phone rang, I’d fall on the floor with a pillow over my head because of the pain. I had tubes in my ears and I didn’t eat, just drank soup. I kept getting thinner and thinner. It was scary. I got real carved cheekbones. Friends suggested I see a psychiatrist.”

What he needed was a dentist who could fix his TMJ disorder. Unfortunately, back then there were only a handful of dentists in the U.S. who were doing this type of treatment.

Today, however, dentists like myself treated TMD almost daily.

Here at Pasadena Pain Management, we’re able to use methods and state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint the origin of a patient’s TMD. To gain an accurate diagnosis of TMD, I determine the proper posture of the jaw will measure different aspects of the teeth and jaw, and map the movement of the jaw out during eating and speaking. A diagnosis given and once TMD’s source has been found, we will create a treatment program that addresses each patient’s specific needs.

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