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A Common Missed Symptom of Headaches and Migraines

Most of us know the pounding symptoms of a migraine or headache, but health officials say there’s one symptom in particular that people often missed: Facial pain.

A new study in the journal Neurology finds that up to 10 percent of people with headaches also experience facial pain. However, since facial pain isn’t a well recognized symptom, people tend to associate the pain with something else (for example, TMD) and wind up waiting longer for a proper diagnosis.

The Headache Study

The recent study examined 2,912 people with primary headaches, which are headaches not from another condition. These include migraine and cluster headache. Participants self-reported data. Those with pain attributed to dental issues were excluded.

Of all participants, 10 percent experienced facial pain. Of 1,935 of people with migraine, 2 percent reported facial pain. Among participants with cluster headaches, 15 percent had facial pain.

Why Facial Pain?

Researchers say facial pain is often a result of sensitization of nerves that occurs in people with headaches. It can be caused by trigeminal neuralgia, a condition impacting nerves in the face.

People can have headaches without having pain in the skull, and only experience facial pain. Most often, facial pain triggers headaches. As such, treating it can relieve both ailments.

Where Does Facial Pain Occur?

Scientists found that the typical facial pain that occurs with headaches happens around the temples and forehead, though areas around the eyes and jaw can be affected as well.

Since migraines/headaches and facial pain are so intertwined, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis as soon as possible. Remember, there’s a possibility that an underlying TMJ disorder may be the root cause of your headaches and face pain. Taking a good medical history and paying attention to details of symptoms is vital for us to understand what treatment is available to you.

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