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5 Ways to Cut Down on Stress During the Holidays

The holiday season — the most “wonderful” time of the year — has the power to fuel a full-on meltdown if you’re not careful. The commercialism of the holidays causes people a lot more stress than pleasure these days. A full calendar of events and parties has a lot of us rushing around. Not to mention our diets are tossed aside and our sleep patterns are overlooked.

It’s all a recipe for disaster.

The good news?

We can change the way we approach the season and make sure that we are taking care of our needs. The holidays are for giving — even to yourself.

Here are five ways to cut down on stress during this time of year.

1. Give yourself permission to de-stress

It is natural to feel guilty, irresponsible or even selfish when you allow yourself time to de-stress. You need to give yourself permission.  Allow yourself to do “whatever” it is that you want.  If you want to say “no” to a certain event, or “no” to overspending on gifts, or “no” to hosting an event, give yourself the right to do what is best for you.

2. Indulge your senses

Our senses are important vehicles for stress relief.  For example, think of the smell of a cake or cookies in the oven, this smell alone can bring back specific memories . Perhaps it will remind you of a time when you were younger and your mother made home made goodies.  When we invoke our senses, we experience things on different levels. Think of ways to include sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing into your self care.

3. Plan your tasks

Plan ahead and designate specific time frames for the tasks that you need to complete. This will give you time for mental preparation, allowing you to not be overwhelmed. If possible, plan your shopping time during quieter hours, such as weekday mornings.  Shop online in the privacy of your home to avoid crowds all together.  When you do plan to be out in the crowds, calm your mind and body before going.  Realize that you don’t have to rush.  Take your time and enjoy the shopping process.

4. Don’t overindulge

It’s easy to neglect healthy eating this time of year. Sleeping patterns may be altered as we have more activity in our days.  We can over spend on gifts for those on our lists. The list of things that seem to trap us in extravagance may differ from person to person, however, it is common to be swept up into excessive behavior. Aristotle wisely stated, “all things in moderation.”  This is an excellent gauge for us as well.

5. Give up expectations

The holidays, particularly Christmas, can set us up for unrealistic expectations. While a lot of people dream of the perfect holiday, trying to attain it can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. One of the best ways to take care of yourself during this emotionally trying time, is to give up your expectations of the perfect family with the perfect tree while hosting the perfect parties with the perfect gifts. As you release these ideas, you are able to open yourself up to experiencing greater joy and a less stressful season.

Where ever you are in your life this year, take care of yourself first.  Practicing habits of self-care and de-stress can not only alter your mode, but also your health. Remember, stress is among the major causes of TMJ disorders, bruxism, headaches and migraines!

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