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5 Ways to Set and Keep Migraine Management Goals

Having a set of goals for migraine management is one of the most critical components of an effective pain management plan. Goals should be flexible and will change over time as your migraine symptoms subside.

I suggest the migraine goal-setting process should begin with taking a good hard look at where your migraines and treatment stand. Then, it’s time to assess the following:

1. Is it time to look for a new treatment?

Are you making progress with your current doctor?  If the answer is “No,” it’s time to look for a new pain management professional. No doctor is the right one for every patient. It may be time to look for an actual TMJ, headache and migraine specialist who can assess if dental forces are causing your pain.

2. Set short and long term migraine management goals.

You need to have both a long-term goal and incremental goals to mark your progress. The incremental goals also serve to let us see that you ARE making progress. Your long-term goal might be to have no more than one migraine per month and your first incremental goal might be to have no more than one per week.

3. Select reasonable dates to hit your milestones.

Select reasonable dates for your goals. It sometimes works best to select a date for only the first incremental goal, then select the next date when you reach the first goal.

4. Keep on top of your migraine diary.

Be sure to keep an accurate migraine diary to monitor your progress. Your memory isn’t adequate for this task. Need a diary? Download this migraine diary from the Migraine Trust.

5. Watch your triggers.

Keep an eye out for your migraine triggers, especially those that you can avoid. Knowing your triggers and avoiding those you can is a big part of meeting your goals. Need help identifying migraine triggers? Download the Ultimate Migraine Trigger Checklist.

Remember you’re boss. A positive attitude makes an enormous difference. Whether it takes stubbornness, anger, or whatever, remember that you are the boss, not your migraines. And, more importantly, don’t neglect other health issues and overall health. The body is like an ecosystem. Everything affects everything else. Your overall health and other health issues affect your migraines and vice versa.

Effective Headache and Migraine Treatment in Southern California

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