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5 Reasons Why You Need a Second Opinion for Your Headaches and Migraines

Sick of battling frequent headaches with no sign of improvement? There could be many reasons, but the most probable one is a wrong headache diagnosis.

With over 200 types of headaches, migraines, TMJ issues and a shortage of headache specialists, it’s easy to understand how it can happen. Unfortunately, though, a bad diagnosis leads to the wrong type of treatment — or no treatment at all.

In fact, research indicates that most people do not get the right headache diagnosis. That’s especially true if you have chronic migraine — where only 1 in 20 get the correct diagnosis.

So, how do you know when it’s time to get a second opinion for your head pain? Here are 5 reasons why your headache diagnosis could be incorrect.

1. You used Google to self-diagnose.

Google doesn’t always get it right. People tend to put their symptoms into the WebMD Symptom Checker or Google search bar and trust they’ll get the right result. However, self-diagnosis depends on us putting in the right symptoms, and it’s easy to confuse a sinus headache and migraine, which happens about 70% of the time. Yet the treatments are significantly different.

2. You trusted what a family member or close friend told you.

Just because your Mom had tension headaches doesn’t mean that’s what you have. Some headache types, like migraine, are genetic, while the more common tension-type headache can be a response to stress, poor dental forces, posture or toxic smells.

3. You don’t bother seeking out help.

You might think “it’s just a headache,” but that’s not always the case. Scientists classify headaches into Primary and Secondary disorders, the latter being a symptom of something else. In fact, such notorious cases as the mother who died after mistaking an aneurysm for a migraine can make hypochondriacs out of us all.  Still, if you’re getting the same headache four or six times a year or missing work because of it, it’s worth discussing with a professional.

4. You downplay your symptoms.

Yes, those little things, like your irritation over strong perfume and your aching neck are relevant, but don’t put all your focus on your head pain. It’s really not just a headache if you add up all the days of your life that you were in disabling pain — especially when treatment is very often possible. Remember, you deserve care!

5. Your symptoms evolve over time.

Life happens – you age, you get a concussion, you move, you have a baby, you start a new job. All of these things can change the way your body and brain respond to light, weather, stress, food, hormones and more. Just because you were diagnosed with a certain headache type five years ago doesn’t mean that your diagnosis is still the same. It’s worth getting checked.

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