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5 Common Mistakes Early Migraine Sufferers Make

It’s natural for first time migraine sufferers to be confused, even nervous or scared. Fortunately, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to and helping these patients lessen the anxiety they feel about migraine treatment. In doing this, I’ve found that there are some common mistakes that people make when they’re first diagnosed with migraines.

Here are my top 5 – maybe one of them will help you to avoid the same mistake!

  1. Don’t see the doctor again.  After all, it’s “just” a migraine.  I just need some “painkillers” and a rest and I’ll be fine.  No – you should go back to the doctor for follow-ups.  This especially applies when your symptoms change.  But really, because migraine takes time to treat and because it’s a disease with complex symptoms and causes, you should be going back for more help.
  2. Be satisfied with a diagnosis of “Migraine”.  In 1988, the Headache Classification Committee from the International Headache Society came out with a document intended to classify headache disorders, including many different types of migraine.  The latest edition is from 2004.  Knowing what type of migraine you have means you can find better treatment faster.  When you get a diagnosis, check to see if it’s in the document and if your symptoms match.  If not, find another doctor and get a second opinion.
  3. Rely on popular news reports and commercials for information on migraine treatment.  News reports and commercials are important ways to get information out to the public.  However, they will almost never give you a balanced view of migraine treatment.  That’s why crowds of people go after a “miracle” treatment before trying things that are much more likely to actually work for them.  Please take news bites with a grain of salt.
  4. Blame it on “stress”.  “Oh, it’s just stress – I just need to wait until life calms down a bit.”  Using stress as a scapegoat has kept many, many migraine patients away from proper treatment.  Stress does not cause migraine, and there’s some debate about whether it even triggers migraine attacks.  It’s a factor in the overall picture, but there are likely other issues that you need to deal with in order to properly treat a migraine.  It’s not “just stress”.
  5. Rely on over-the-counter “painkillers”.  Instead of making use of medications and treatments that can specifically help migraines, patients often take the “shotgun” approach, and take a general purpose painkiller.  This often leads to more symptoms and more pain in the long run.


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