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4 Reasons Why Your Migraines Occur in the Morning

Does a morning migraine steal your day before it even begins? If so, you’re not alone. One of the most common migraine patterns is going to bed perfectly fine and waking up in pain. A morning migraine can be especially confusing because it usually seems like nothing special happened during the night to trigger the pain. So why does it happen — and how can you avoid it?

Here are 4 facts that will shed light on this painful morning migraine phenomenon.

1. You’re Sleeping Poorly, and You Don’t Know It

Research shows that migraines and sleep appear to have a distinct, yet complicated relationship. Both too little and too much sleep can trigger a migraine attack. Four out of five migraine sufferers have sleep problems.

2. You’re Rebounding From Medication

If you took a medication, such as a triptan that lasts for 24 hours or Excedrin that lasts for 6 hours, the relief they offered may have worn off during the night.  If it’s 9am and your brain expects its usual shot of java at 8am, it may give you a painful reminder.

3. You’re Out of Natural Painkillers By Morning

The early morning hours (between 4 and 8 a.m.) are when the body has its lowest levels of natural painkillers, like inner endorphins. So most headaches — including cluster headaches, migraines, and those caused by muscle tension — can be present and have their worst symptoms when you wake up.

4. Your Body is Processing Stress from the Day Before

Experts warn that headaches can result from tension or stress brought on days before. This is also called “stress let down” in which your brain may still be painfully processing your yesterday.

Migraine patients tend to have highly individualized responses to the same environmental stimuli. Doing nothing almost guarantees history is going to repeat itself.  Alternatively, treating it the same way you always have in the past increases the chance of another morning migraine as you rebound. Professional migraine treatment is a must to end the cycle!

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