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4 Must-Know Facts Men Need to Know About Migraines

Migraines are often seen as a problem that plague women. However, it’s estimated that 9% of men also suffer. Men are also less likely to seek help for migraines — of often dismissing their symptoms as ‘just a headache’.

Unfortunately, though, without an accurate diagnosis, men with migraines have a higher risk of heart attacks, dental infections, and strokes.

Here are 4 must-know facts men need to know about migraines.

1. Migraine intensity is lower in men than women

Apparently, women have a lower pain threshold than men, so the intensity of the pain on a scale of one to ten is lower for men at five, while women have an average intensity of six.

Some experts believe that estrogen could be the reason for higher pain levels in women, especially during menstrual periods.

Migraines in men also occur less often than in women, with an average of six headaches per month for men, while women have seven a month to deal with.

2. Male migraine patients are at greater risk of a heart attack

Middle-aged male migraine patients have a 42 percent higher risk of having a heart attack than non-migraine patients, as well as an increased risk of aneurysms. These can develop in any blood vessel in the body, but the two most common places are the artery that transports blood away from the heart to the rest of the body, and the brain.

Men who suffer from migraines are also more likely to develop diabetes and high blood pressure.

3. Exercise or sex can be triggers

Men typically develop migraines from physical exertion during exercise or sexual activity.

Unsurprisingly, athletes with injuries such as concussion sustained during contact sports (such as football), show greater incidence of migraine symptoms. A 2005 study found that concussed athletes demonstrated significantly greater migraine symptoms.

4. Alcohol could also be to blame

Drinking alcohol is a common trigger of headaches in both genders, but the higher prevalence of alcohol in the average American man’s lifestyle, means it correlates more with the increased incidence of migraines in men. Interestingly, while changing weather patterns are a leading trigger of female migraines, this is 50 percent less likely to affect men.

What’s the answer?

It’s clear that male and female patients have different causes and symptoms when it comes to migraines.

Treatment depends on how often the patient develops headaches and how severe the pain is.

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