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4 Common Questions Patients Ask About TMJ Treatment

The number of people living with temporomandibular joint disorders is astounding. Current estimates put the number at approximately 10 million in the U.S. — many of them are un-diagnosed.

If you think you may have a TMJ problem but have not yet sought help from a Pasadena TMJ specialist, we know you have a lot questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions about TMJ treatment at Pasadena Pain Management.

#1. Will my TMJ problems go away on their own?

While symptoms may come and go, a TMJ disorder will not go away on its own. In addition, the human body has a natural propensity for accommodating disorders and compensating for them when they otherwise cannot be resolved. It is important to seek treatment for a TMJ issue to avoid the progression of the disease and the worsening of symptoms.

#2. What could happen if I do not get my TMJ disorder under control?

An untreated TMJ disorder can worsen over time, resulting in serious health consequences. For example, constant grinding and clenching may result in chronic migraines and tooth erosion. In some, TMJ disorders can also lead to snoring and a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, which can reduce blood oxygen levels while sleeping and increase the risk of heart disease.

#3. Are all TMJ disorders treated the same way?

There are many different types of TMJ disorders. Like any other joint in the body, the temporomandibular joint is subject to wear, alignment problems, disease and more. Treating a TMJ disorder means getting to the root of the problem – not just treating the symptoms. For example, the TMJ joint may develop issues inside the joint that cause clicking, popping, and difficulty opening or closing the mouth. Disorders may also develop in the tissues outside the joint, which may result in soft tissue pain and tenderness.

#4. What is Disclusion Time Reduction for TMJ?

Disclusion Time Reduction, or DTR, is a computer-guided TMJ pain treatment that is proven to be much faster and more permanent than other traditional TMJ pain treatments, such as mouthguards and appliances.

Pasadena Pain Management is one of a handful of dental practices in the United States to offer this treatment.

Using a T-Scan, I can collect important data that measure the bite forces in your mouth when your teeth make contact. This data can help us correct those bite imbalances, alleviating TMJ pain and symptoms. In fact, most patients report relief within a week — without a mouthguard.

Disclaimer: Obviously, every patient’s case is different, and needs to be properly diagnosed and treated by a healthcare professional. Contact us for an appointment.

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