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3 Reasons People Suffer From a Stigma of Migraine Pain

If you have pain associated with chronic migraines, headaches, TMJ pain, or any other type of head and neck pain  — you know the stigma that goes along with these conditions.

Stigma is the disapproval by others for how you are coping with pain. Friends, family, employers can judge you in the harshest of ways. They might look down on you when you rest or nap, or if you don’t work. Such critical judgements are hurtful, and can derail your road to recovery.

In order to reverse the stigma of migraine we need to understand why it exists. Researchers believer there are three distinct reasons it exists – they are independent, but feed on one another.

Here are the three reasons:

1. The condition is invisible.

In general people with migraines don’t seem obviously sick, except to people who know them very well. The painsensory abnormalities, dizziness and brain fog (to name a few symptoms) could be extreme, and no one would be the wiser. But to the ones who know them very well — they know!

Unfortunately, it is hard to empathize with a thing people can’t see.

2. Some people are just plain ignorant.

No sense in sugar-coating this: How often is the person with a mild migraine dismissive of the one who has it much worse?

How often has someone with severe, life altering migraine, heard a version of: “I don’t understand, when I have migraine and I take 2 Excedrin and an espresso, and I’m fine?”

This is ignorance.

3. Women get a bad wrap.

Migraines disproportionately affect women more than men (potentially because of certain hormone changes), and the World Health Organization has even classified the headaches as a leading disability among women. This has lead some to question whether the lack of acceptance of migraines has to do with the fact that there are more women presenting symptoms than men.

The best way to end the stigma would be to find a scan or a test that can prove people have migraines, as it would suddenly legitimize the disease to others. In the meantime, continuing to find new treatments can help to legitimize that migraines are a very real and painful condition.

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