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3 Thanksgiving Dinner Essentials for Migraine Sufferers

We know a Thanksgiving dinner table just wouldn’t be complete without turkey and all the trimmings. But what if you could make that turkey feast with a few extra ingredients that could actually help ward off headaches, migraines, and other types of pain?

Here are 3 pain-reducing Thanksgiving foods and spices you’ll want on your holiday table.

Go Crazy for Cherries

These bright red berries are full of anthocyanins – the compound that gives the berry its vibrant color and its punch of antioxidants. Anthocyanins actually block inflammation and pain enzymes in the same way as NSAIDs. They’ve even been shown to help athletes reduce muscle damage during long workouts, in addition to helping them recover faster.

For double the cherry goodness, why not consider this delectable Betty Crocker recipe for Cherry-Glazed Turkey with Dried Cherry Apple Stuffing. Altogether, it contains 2 cups of cherries. That’s a lot of pain-fighting power!

You can also try pairing cherries with the other seasonal red fruit: cranberries.

Get Out the Ginger

Ginger acts as an effective painkiller. It’s anti-inflammatory properties are particularly effective against migraines, arthritis and muscle pain. It’s also been proven to reduce chronic knee pain.

Whip up some pain-fighting vegetables with this recipe for Orange-Ginger-Glazed Carrots. Not only do you get the anti-inflammatory goodness of ginger, but also the biotin, fiber, potassium and vitamin C from the carrots.

Make it With Mint

Mint is not only an extremely versatile ingredient – showing up in recipes for drinks, sides, main courses and, of course, deserts – it’s also great when it comes to fighting pain. Specifically, mint is useful in combatting headaches and back pain, as well as treating muscle spasms.

Mint works especially well when paired with corn, which contains fiber, vitamin B-6, vitamin C and antioxidants. Add in the pain-reducing kick of jalapenos, and you’ve got a wallop of pain-fighting power.

This Food & Wine recipe for Charred Corn Salad with Mint, Parsley and Cilantro might just make the perfect side dish.

A Perfect Pain-Free Feast

Taken together, these Thanksgiving recipes will not only add more flavor to your traditional holiday foods, but also help you and your family members decrease pain and inflammation. This holiday season, focus on your friends and family – not your pain.

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