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Let It Go! 3 Self-Limiting Behaviors to Kick in 2017

People who live with chronic pain — especially from migraines — often resolve to get healthier in the beginning of the year. They focus on forming new habits or changing old ones. But instead of improving your physical well being, how about focusing on your emotional and mental health?

Here are 3 self-limiting behaviors migraine sufferers and pain patients need to give up this year.

#1 Justifications for Making Yourself a Priority

Responsible people fulfill their obligations, and as someone with a chronic illness, like migraine, one of your most important obligations is to manage that illness. How you do that and what that entails is unique to you, and it requires no excuse. You don’t owe anyone a justification for taking care of your health. That may entail taking a sick day from a jog, or cancelling plans with family or friends. Do what works for you without apology.

# 2 Apologies for Being Sick

Stop apologizing or feeling like you should be apologizing for feeling depleted and irritable. Stop being sorry for cancelling plans or for being late, or for avoiding certain foods and drinks. It isn’t your faulting you’re sick. It isn’t your fault you have certain migraine triggers or that you have to do certain things to manage your illness.

Apologize for bad behavior, but don’t apologize for being ill. It isn’t something you can change, and it isn’t your fault.

# 3 Guilt

Guilt is only useful if it pushes us toward the positive developments. You cannot change the fact that you have migraine illness. You may be able to make changes that enables users to more effectively manage your illness, but you cannot fix it. You cannot change its symptoms and you can’t change its effects on your and your loved ones’ lives. So let it go.

Remember: You can’t control everything, and migraines reminds us of that all too often. We can, however, resolve to maintain perspective — and make yourself a priority over anyone, or anything, else!

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