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$17 Device Claims to Ward Off Headaches – But Does it Work?

Living with chronic headaches and migraines is nothing new for millions of Americans. For most of them, living with the pain is just an unavoidable part of life.

But the makers of the Relever are saying ” not so fast.”

Natural Headache Relief Tool

Their product, dubbed a “natural headache relief tool” costs a mere 17-dollars and is designed to stop pain before it strikes by helping people stretch their jaw muscles. (For best results, it’s recommended that customers use the device for 30 seconds, twice a day.)

This technique, of course, isn’t new. I use massage and stretching techniques to release tight jaw muscles, and inflamed TMJ, to relieve head pain.

The Tool is Put to the Test

But the idea of using a product at home for similar results is a novel one, and it left me asking the question: Can it actually work?

A Colorado chiropractor set out to see if the product did what it claims, testing the tool on 20 patients. According to Relever’s makers, the chiropractor had his patients who experience headaches try the tool twice a day for 90 seconds. The result: Every single one of those people saw reductions in the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Again, this is according to Relever’s creators.

Seek Treatment for Serious Headaches and Migraines

But what about severe headaches? Can the device help with those?

The company website makes it clear that the Relever is not intended for people who suffer from migraines or TMJ disorders that cause head pain.

My recommendation?

Using the Relever every day to loosen your jaw could be an inexpensive, drug-free way to stave off everyday tension headaches caused by stress. But people with more serious conditions such as migraines or TMD should seek professional treatment at Pasadena Pain Management.

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